• March 01 News

    ESIC: What You Need to Know

    The ESIC (Esports Integrity Coalition) is a not for profit members’ association established in 2015 by key esports stakeholders. The goal of the group is to deal with issues around esports, in particular, the threat of match manipulation and betting fraud, and the challenges they pose to esports. Maintaining integrity in the industry is the […]

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  • February 28 Games, News

    UMG Prime – March Prime Schedule

    March is almost here and the team has been working endlessly to guarantee the top level of competition on With the community focused on Fortnite in the last few weeks, we’ve created a large push for Fortnite Prime tournaments heading into March. We’re thrilled to announce over $10,000 split across Prime tournaments for Call […]

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  • February 23 News

    2018 Trends to Watch in eSports

    Esports are becoming a big deal. Significant growth is expected for eSports which is noteworthy since the current growth of the industry has been staggering. Newzoo, a marketing researcher, recently released its annual report predicting 2018 revenues to hit $905 million, a huge 38% increase from 2017’s $655 million. Additionally, brand investment is expected to […]

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