50/50 Tournaments on UMG

With the mission of constantly evolving the online competitive gaming space, we’re happy to introduce 50/50 tournaments to UMGGaming.com.

Starting today, we’ll be operating twelve 50/50 competitions daily. Now, what are 50/50 tournaments?

50/50 tournaments are simple — 50% of the players in the tournament will win money, 50% of the players won’t. Winning one match in the tournament will guarantee your money back and a small win while finishing first or second in the tournament will earn you more.

These competitions will allow more players the chance to win money on their favorite games like Call of Duty: BlackOps4 and Fortnite.

Daily tournament schedule:

Call of Duty: BlackOps4 PS4:

8:30PM ET – 2v2 1nD SnD
10:30PM ET – 2v2 1nD SnD
12:30AM ET – 2v2 1nD SnD
1:30AM ET – 1v1 1nD SnD

Call of Duty: BlackOps4 Xbox:

9:30PM ET – 1v1 1nD SnD
11:30PM ET – 1v1 1nD SnD

Fortnite Cross-Platform:

8:30PM ET – 2v2
9:30PM ET – 1v1
10:30PM ET – 1v1
11:30PM ET – 2v2
12:30AM ET – 2v2
1:30AM ET – 1v1

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