Big Moments From The ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ 6-On-6 Demo Tournament

Last month during Evo 2017, some lucky competitors got a chance to test out the upcoming “Dragon Ball FighterZ” in a side tournament. While the game is only about 20 percent complete, an estimate from the developers, they were able to try the six-fighter demo.

The game features our favorite warriors and villains from DBZ, and the game feels like a mix between the “Marvel vs. Capcom” series, “Guilty Gear”, “Arcana Heart”, and “King Of Fighters”. It will have its own quirks and style, but with some of our favorite anime characters involved, we’re all very excited for the finished product.


While the game may not be available until 2018, we were able to get some great action in the demo-tourney. Lucky for all of us, they streamed the scenes for the folks that couldn’t be in attendance!

Check out more battles on Page 2!

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