BlackOps 4: First Impressions

The Beta version of Call of Duty: BlackOp 4 has been released to a small number of people that were granted access codes and people that pre-ordered the title. Although the full game won’t be released until October, players have now had a glimpse into what to expect come the Fall.


In the initial beta reviews, it looks like Game Developer Treyarch is trying to revitalize the franchise and get it back up to the popularity that it used to have. The first look at the game at E3 this year had hints of other games like Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch. They’ve taken first-person shooter game favourites and are putting the Call of Duty twist on them to hopefully skyrocket the game’s popularity and increase its esports potential.


First and foremost, BO4 will offer a battle royale game mode, unsurprisingly to entice PUBG and Fortnite players to get on board. There is no campaign mode and they’ve capitalized on the multiplayer trend that other games have made popular, allowing players to squad up and take down the opponents together. There are some essential changes coming in BO4 that heavily incentivize players to work more as a team than individual soldiers.

The new mode is called Control, which is one of the series’ most team-focused modes yet. How it works is teams take turns attacking two separate zones while the other team defends them, with limited numbers of lives for both sides. You have to work with your allies to find victory, giving support-oriented abilities of certain Specialist classes even more time to shine.


Specialist abilities have been brought back from Black Ops III. Specialists are uniquely skilled classes that are unique to each player. Even though they first came out in BOIII, every Specialist ability is either new or has been altered to some degree for BO4.

Compared to the previous Call of Duty games, the moves seem less advanced. Although some people we’re looking for more grounded warfare that resembled a more realistic battle, missing the double-jumps and wall-running seems different. Then again, it’s good to switch things up – especially for a game like Call of Duty.


Did you get a chance to try the beta version? Share your thoughts below. If you want to compete in our $500 5v5 Black Ops 4 Beta Prime tournaments this weekend, sign up below:

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