'Crash Bandicoot' Developers Openly Admit To Making 'N. Sane Trilogy' More Difficult

How can something be easier, yet more difficult at the same time? To answer that question properly, we’d have to ask the creators of the new “Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.”

Developer Vicarious Visions recently wrote on a blog post, which can be found here in its entirety, that it will now be more difficult to land jumps than was in the original version. You’re going to need to be more precise with your jumps…


“There are a few subtle differences in ‘Crash Bandicoot,’ chief among these being the fact that you fall more quickly upon release of the X button than you did in the original first game,” Vicarious Visions wrote on the blog post.


Now we know how it will be more difficult, find out how it gets easier on Page 2…

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