Madden 19 Review + Daily Tournaments

The much anticipated Madden 19 was released to the public on August 10 and now that everyone has had a couple weeks to really get into the game, the reviews are rolling in. According to Brian Mazique from Forbes, this game is “the best-looking sports video game [he’s] ever played.” That’s a grand statement for a new game, but we couldn’t agree more. The quality of the graphics is next level and the best that we’ve seen on a sports game so far. Just check out the reflection in the helmets and you’ll see what we mean. In addition to the quality visuals, the animations are much smoother and higher quality than ever before making gameplay much more enjoyable.



The player’s ratings seem to matter more in Madden 19. You can feel the difference between elite and average players. “When building a team in CFM and MUT Draft, you’ll need to be aware of your impact players and the positions they play,” according to Brian. There is also a new push on player development and progression. Not all players will progress at the same rate, making training players more relevant this year. Player performance is also affected by how well he fits into the coach’s scheme. It gives people the opportunity to learn how players fit together and how to create the best possible lineup. Also, fans can now create their own draft classes for Connected Franchise Mode, something that has been long overdue.

EA Sports released a new patch last week, which has also improved parts of the game since the initial release. Some of the key updates improved game play including new hit stick formula, less defensive knockouts vs. possession catch and play action pass blocking upgrade. You can read the full list of updates on the EA Sports blog post.


Overall, people are pretty happy with Madden 19, despite not being groundbreaking. Even though the game isn’t far off from Madden 18, the small improvements and adjustments make Madden 19 superior to its predecessor.

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