Outta Nowhere: Our Favorite Fighting Game Cameos Of All-Time

There’s nothing quite like a good cameo when it comes to the world of entertainment. Whether that be when one musician has a guest feature on one of their songs from another talented artist or someone pops in on a movie or television show. The surprise and change of pace is oftentimes welcomed.

When it comes to video games, our favorite form of entertainment, the cameos don’t happen that often, but when they do it’s fantastic. Today we’re going to take a look at a few of our favorite guest appearances in fighting games from the past, and we’ll start with Soulcalibur!

Darth Vader, Spawn, and Link!

We may be jumping into this one a little fast. It doesn’t get much better than the Star Wars supervillain, and when Darth Vader made an appearance in SoulCalibur IV it sent fan boys into a frenzy!

Spawn is quite possibly the most underrated character from Marvel Comics. The makers of Soulcalibur II agree with that sentiment and made sure to include him, but not for everyone. Spawn only showed up on the Xbox version of the game!

If you thought we couldn’t make Playstation users feel any worse about missing out on Spawn, guess again. The Nintendo Game Cube edition featured none other than Link from the Zelda games. Armed with the “Master Sword” (among other weapons straight from Zelda) he was a problem to deal with and a joy to play with.

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