Outta Nowhere: Our Favorite Fighting Game Cameos Of All-Time

Heihachi Mishima from Tekken

Playstation users of Soulcalibur II weren’t actually left out in the cold like we let it seem on Page 1, they had solid cameo as well with Heihachi Mishima. While it may not reach the level of the first three we mentioned on Page 1, it was a blast to play with a familiar Tekken character!

Halo Everybody!


The 2005 Xbox 360 release of Dead or Alive 4 brought with it a gem, Spartan-458, AKA Nicole from the Halo series. Nicole came with her own Nassau Station level to fight on, which was a nice switch from the Earth-based levels.

What’s A Battle Without A Toad?

If you’ve never played Battletoads, you’re severely lacking something you should have definitely experienced. During the third season of 2013’s Xbox One exclusive Killer Instinct revival, they brought us three different cameos. The Arbiter from Halo, General Raam from Gears of War, and Rash from Battletoads, the latter being our unquestioned favorite. You can see why with the video below!

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