PC Gaming in 2018: This Is What We Can Expect

What does the future hold for desktop computer games next year? Many people have considered the PC gaming industry on its way to the grave but the stats show they are very, very wrong. Newzoo’s projected revenue for 2017 is $29.4 billion, which is admittedly lower than last year but not due to lack of interest but an increase in mobile gaming.

The hardware companies aren’t too concern, Dell’s Q2 reported earnings were the highest they’ve been since 2015. Over 3,500 PC games were released last year, three times more than any other platform – that doesn’t sound like a dying industry to us. The PC Gaming industry has diversified, moving away from its previous niche market into a bigger range of PC hardware and peripherals available.


Additionally, the technological advancements have made it possible to have the same quality graphics and high-speed processors on laptops, more and more gamers are moving towards the more mobile option. More than 10 million gaming laptops were sold in 2016 making it the fastest growing gaming platform.

Even when it comes to desktops, companies like Dell are still seeing a demand. Serious gamers want to push the envelope when it comes to graphics and processing and Dell is providing the necessary technology. To be more inclusive, in their new Inspiron lineup Dell has developed “gaming capable” systems for the more money-conscious gamers. All levels of gamers can have access to quality systems to make sure they are getting the most out of their games.

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