PUBG for Xbox

The much anticipated PlayerUnknown Battleground was released on Xbox One to an ecstatic fan base who could finally play the PC game on a console. The beginning of December, most gamers were glued to their Xbox to see if this version would be the same as the PC one. Bluehole and Microsoft had a lot riding on this game with all the hype before the game was released. It’s currently one of the most popular Game Preview titles available.


So what was the general consensus of the game?

Gamers have been less than disappointed with PUBG on Xbox – the game just isn’t optimized correctly for console playing, something players recognized minutes within buying the new game. It’s a bit better if you’re playing on an Xbox One X with the machine’s horsepower, but even then there has been some negative feedback. It has a rushed port with horrendous framerate issues as well as a long list of other technical difficulties.

The game was rushed out to keep up with its competition, Fortnite, which has been building a fanbase for a while now and seems to have fewer issues than PUBG is facing. Even though its still in its early access phase, this has been hard on Microsoft too who was promoting the exclusive title and even bundling it with new Xbox One X’s over the holiday season. Should Microsoft have launched a game that wasn’t fully functional on their console? Probably not, but now they will be dealing with the issues until their temporary exclusivity is up.

There isn’t a timeline on when all the issues will be addressed and fixed for the port, although new patches have been released so hopefully things will get better. Most players have resorted back to playing the game on PC. However, they will be introducing additional in-game content, including new crates, to become available in early 2018.

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