PUBG’s 5 Year Plan

A 5 year plan is always a good idea when it comes to building a brand and growing a business. During a PUBG Global Invitational 2018 (PGI) pre-event media day last Tuesday in Berlin, PUBG Corp. revealed it’s 5 year plan for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to grow PUBG into an eSport.

PUBG Corp. CEO Chang Han Kim said the company wants to build a solid structure for the battle royale game’s eSports system over the next five years through ongoing investment and a philosophical commitment. They want to ultimately create an esports business model that’s self-financed and sustainable. Kim said they want to “establish a new gaming culture… with PUBG esports as a self-standing product and not just a marketing tool.”

The plan includes amateur events, regional leagues with external partners and holding an international tournament every year to support players from grassroots to pro. To create value and quality during these tournaments, PUBG will work towards consistency in riles and format of worldwide competitions, including point metrics, in-game settings, and more to give pro players a universal rule set regardless of tournament location.

“The players are what make up your game, so giving them a path to pro, and not only a path to pro, but a path to a sustainable career too. That’s why I like working with PUBG Corp because that’s at the forefront of our minds. We have to support the players, and we have to make sure that if I want to become a PUBG pro… it will be sustainable. Finding ways to do that is one of our top priorities,” Brendan Green of PlayerUnknown stated.

The company will support players and teams by providing financial help through prize purses, merchandise, and in-game digital content with revenue share opportunities. For example, at PGI 2018 this past weekend, there was a set of custom in-game hoodie cosmetic items designed for the twenty finalist teams, each being sold for $9.99 USD each.

This announcement comes at a key time for PUBG as other players in the space have publically made their commitments to esports. Epic Games announced their own massive investment into Fortnite esports not too long ago. 2018 will be about proving PUBG’s potential as an eSport and then ensuring stability in the years after.


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