The Greatest Game Console Advertisements Of All Time!

Business is all about marketing. You could have the greatest product in the world, something that everyone on the planet needs to have, but if nobody knows about it… How do you expect to get it into their hands?

Companies know this, and they spend big money every single year to put themselves in the most advantageous position they can with potential customers. They promote their products online, in magazines, and use product placement in television and film.


Sometimes the best advertisements out there are done in the form of commercials. This is especially true for video games. Over the years there have been some very clever marketing campaigns for games on TV. Most of them you’ll remember, some you won’t, but we’ve compiled some of our favorites together for your viewing pleasure. Check them out below!

Kevin Butler and the PS3

PlayStation may not have a mascot, but they do have Kevin. The campaign focused around Kevin answering user questions while blending comedy in with their pitch. Everytime you’ve seen Kevin Butler after these commercials, the PS3 pops into your head… Genius!

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