The NFL’s Dallas Cowboys Move Into The eSports Industry

Complexity Gaming has moved its headquarters from Florida to Frisco, Texas after Jerry Jones the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and real estate mogul John Goff acquired Complexity. The acquisition of this iconic esports organization is the NFL’s move into the global esports industry. The team had been mulling over the benefit of stepping into the esports world for a couple years now, hiring Epsilon, a marketing ad agency to help determine the potential advantage of doing so. With the explosive exponential growth of the industry, it’s a no brainer that they finally signed a deal.


Complexity Gaming is one of the original esports organizations, founded in 2003 by Jason Bass and Jason Lake. It’s made a name for itself in the industry winning 130 championships in 26 different competitive titles. Combined with the most valuable sports franchise in the world, it looks like a win-win for everyone.

Dreams do come true…

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