UMG Prime – June Prime Schedule

Summer has arrived and we want to fill your day with gaming and UMG Prime tournaments! We’re happy to share that June will feature $6,000 in exclusive tournaments for our Prime users including a $1,000 2v2 Fortnite tournament and $1,000 4v4 Call of Duty: WWII competition.

Want to compete in one or all of the tournaments available to you, along with access to additional features on UMG such as fee-free cash-outs and 8Hr ticket responses? Join us as a UMG Prime member for only $4.99 a month here (HYPERLINK

June 6th – $50 X1 Madden 1v1: Info
June 7th – $50 PS4 NBA2K 1v1: Info
June 8th – $1,000 PS4 Fortnite 2v2: Info
June 9th – $500 X1 Fortnite 1v1: Info
June 10th – $300 PC/PS4 Fortnite 2v2: Info
June 13th – $50 PS4 MLB 1v1: Info
June 15th – $600 PS4 CoD 2v2: Info
June 16th – $300 X1 CoD 3v3: Info
June 17th – $100 PS4 EU CoD 2v2: Info
June 20th – $50 X1 Madden 1v1: Info
June 21st – $50 PS4 NBA2K 1v1: Info
June 22nd – $700 PS4 Fortnite 1v1: Info
June 23rd – $500 PC/X1 Fortnite 2v2: Info
June 24th – $300 PC/PS4 Fortnite 1v1: Info
June 27th – $50 PS4 MLB 1v1: Info
June 28th – $1,000 PS4 CoD 4v4: Info
June 29th – $300 X1 CoD 2v2: Info
June 30th – $100 PS4 CoD EU 2v2: Info

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