UMG Prime – May Prime Schedule

May is here and the sun is shining! With the excitement for the next installment of Call of Duty ramping up, we’re adding more tournaments for the competitive CoD players among you. We’re also ecstatic to welcome MLB The Show 18 to our supported titles on and have added two Prime tournaments for that game during May.

Are you more of a builder and love dominating the competition as you bear the John Wick skin? We have multiple large-scale Fortnite Prime tournaments this month including two $1,000 competitions on PS4 exclusive to UMG Prime members.

Want to compete in one or all of the tournaments available to you, along with access to additional features on UMG? Join us as a UMG Prime member for only $4.99 a month here.

May 2nd – $50 X1 Madden 1v1: Info
May 3rd – $50 PS4 NBA2K 1v1: Info
May 4th – $1,000 PS4 Fortnite 2v2: Info
May 5th – $500 X1 Fortnite 1v1: Info
May 6th – $100 PC Fortnite 2v2: Info
May 9th – $50 PS4 MLB The Show 1v1: Info
May 11th – $700 PS4 CoD 2v2: Info
May 12th – $500 X1 CoD 3v3: Info
May 13th – $150 PS4 EU CoD 2v2: Info
May 16th – $50 PS4 Madden 1v1: Info
May 17th – $50 X1 NBA2K 1v1: Info
May 18th – $1,000 PS4 Fortnite 1v1: Info
May 19th – $500 X1 Fortnite 2v2: Info
May 20th – $100 PC Fortnite 1v1: Info
May 23rd – $50 PS4 MLB The Show 1v1: Info
May 25th – $1,000 PS4 CoD 4v4: Info
May 26th – $500 X1 CoD 2v2: Info
May 27th – $150 PS4 EU CoD 2v2: Info
May 30th – $50 X1 Madden 1v1: Info
May 31st – $50 PS4 NBA2K 1v1: Info

It’s time to play! Join UMG Prime and we look forward to seeing you in one or all of our tournaments soon.

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