We're Proud To Announce A New Partnership Between UMG Media And Beyond Entertainment

We at UMG Media Corp. are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Beyond Entertainment to bring you our Halo eSports media partnership. This partnership will play an enormous role in the growth of Halo eSports. We plan on bringing more events and competitions to the online community.

Joseph Bentley, Founder of Beyond Entertainment says:

“We are excited at Beyond to partner with UMG as they continue to expand their support into the Halo eSports scene – and very much look forward to working with UMG as both companies strive to provide additional stability for the Halo eSports community at large.”

Jeff Covington, Founnder of UMG added:

“UMG was founded with the goal of bringing competitive gaming to every gamer, everywhere. We are excited to provide a place and the support needed to expand our offerings to the Halo community. Beyond is a perfect partner for this. Beyond is the leader in Halo communities.”

Stay tuned with us for news and upcoming dates on UMG Gaming!

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