What Fnatic Brought to CES 2018

The professional gaming industry is rapidly growing, as we all know. So it was interesting to see how it was presented at CES this year and the consumer reaction.

Pro-gaming giant Fnatic introduced eSports to CES. Founder Sam Mathews talked about the future of professional gaming. He was there demoing Fnatic’s latest keyboards and mice, which are due to hit the market in the next few months. What’s more important than his product announcement, was the fact that Fnatic was at CES. eSports are growing as leagues are maturing and becoming more stable, we can see the growth as traditional sports teams are investing and it’s becoming a career for players.

Besides gaming gear, Sam Mathews knows a thing or two about the gaming experience. “We see ourselves a lot more as a representative of the experience rather than just another random brand,” said founder and chairman Sam Mathews. “What do [gamers] want? What do they need? How can we think of the lifestyle as opposed to just selling products?” As one of the most successful professional esports company, they’re growing into a mainstream brand as they develop merchandise for everyday wear to connect with their current audience and reach a new audience. Unlike other esports companies, Fnatic has continued to expand its reach and build different brands and products while keeping up with trends.

What else was noteworthy at CES?

Dell launched the Inspiron 5680 is the is the Intel version of these desktops now supporting 8th Generation Intel quad and hex core processors. The updates from the last model, the 5675, are specifically intended for the Mainstream PC gaming audience.

Various tech companies unveiled giant displays for gamers who need a bigger screen with more intense specs. One of those was the NVIDIA Corporation’s NVDA “big format gaming displays, or BFGDs” which has been made in collaboration with HP Inc. HPQ, Asus and Acer. BFGDs put together “a high-end 65-inch, 4K 120Hz HDR display with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology together with NVIDIA SHIELD, the world’s most advanced streaming device.” Other big screens worth noting are Samsung’s 146-inch “The Wall” and LG’s 65-inch “Rollable OLED” TVs.


What did you find most exciting at this year’s CES? Comment below.


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