Will There be a Hotline Bling Emote on Fortnite?

Drake is quickly becoming a Fortnite streaming sensation as he has teamed up with Twitch superstar Ninja for three battle rounds. Between the three Twitch streams, there were close to a million viewers. The first stream was with NFL player JuJu Smith-Schuster and rapper Travis Scott that broke the record for the most-viewed live stream on Twitch.

During the latest stream on Tuesday night, Drake and Ninja discussed Drake adding lyrics into his new album about Fortnite. Drake’s reaction? Epic Games will have to add a Hotline Bling emote to the game first before they get any shout out on his album. Seems like a pretty fair trade, right? The idea of a Drake emote showcases how Fortnite has had such a financial success. Once the emote dropped, people would be all over it, to add to their repertoire of dance moves.

Ninja also pulled in a nice $5,000 from Drake, after the rapper pledged to donate $5,000 to Ninja’s stream if he secured victory in their last game. Ninja unsurprisingly took home the win for the duo with a huge 16 kills. True to his word, Drake sent Ninja the $5K, not a bad night for a couple games of Fortnite.

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